Our parts department has more than just John Deere parts - we also offer a variety of other brands, one of which is Stihl. Whether you need a blower, a chainsaw, trimmers, or some type of hand tool, we have you covered! Stop in to your local GreenMark to see our selection of Stihl equipment and let one of our knowledgeable parts staff help you in finding the right tool to match your needs. 

Stilh augers and drillsAugers and Drills

Stihl bed redefinerBed Redefiner

Stilh blower

Blowers and Shredder Vacs

Battery Blowers

Homeowner Blowers

Professional Blowers

Electric Blowers

Shredder Vacs

Stilh chainsawChainsaws

Battery Saws

Homeowner Saws

Farm and Ranch Saws

In-Tree Saws

Rescue Saws

Saw Chains

Stihl concrete cuttersConcrete Cutters

Stihl cut-off machinesCut-off Machines

Battery Cut-off Machines

Professional Cut-off Machines

Stihl edgersStihl Edgers

Professional Edgers

Homeowner Edgers

Stihl hand toolsHand Tools

Hand Pruning Saws

Hand Pruners


Hedger Shears


Stihl hedge trimmersHedge Trimmers

Battery Hedge Trimmers

Homeowner Hedge Trimmers

Professional Hedge Trimmers

Electric Hedge Trimmers

Stihl lawn mowerLawn Mowers

Stihl multi-task toolsMulti-Task Tools

Stihl pole prunersPole Pruners

Battery Pole Pruners

Homeowner Pole Pruners

Professional Pole Pruners

Stihl pressure washersPressure Washers

Homeowner Pressure Washers

Professional Pressure Washers

Stihl sprayersSprayers

Backpack Sprayers

Handheld Sprayers

Stihl trimmers and brushcuttersTrimmers and Brushcutters

Battery Trimmers

Homeowner Trimmers

Professional Trimmers

Brushcutters and Clearing Saws

Electric Trimmer

Stihl wet/dry vacuumsWet/Dry Vacuums

Homeowner Vacuum

Professional Vacuum