RTK Dealer Network/Map

Since the introduction of the John Deere Green Star system, GreenMark Equipment has strived to stay on the cutting edge of the GPS industry.  This trend has continued with our ever growing expansion of the GreenMark Equipment RTK Network. In the past year, we have increased our network to over 40 base stations covering more than 10 million acres. GreenMark Equipment is committed to providing you with the very best RTK solution available.

In addition to the 450 MHz RTK network, all base stations are the most current equipment and software that John Deere has to offer. All our base stations are currently running the best available technology, which is capable of using the Glonass satellites.  Glonass is a Russian based GPS constellation with 24 satellites in orbit.  This feature has greatly improved the reliability of signal in the field.

GreenMark Equipment RTK subscription pricing:
$1250 for the first unit
$1100 for the second unit
$ 900 for any additional units
Customers with a minimum of 3 subscriptions will receive a 20% discount off of their annual subscription price.