New Integrated Solutions Equipment

Technology has evolved so much, even in just the last 50 years, and has absolutely changed how farmers plant their crops, maintain their fields, use their equipment, and how they know when there is an issue with their equipment. Technology has also changed the level of efficiency and automation in farming.  

Visit our new equipment page to see all of the different options that are available, including displays, receivers, field and crop solutions, as well as guidance and machine controls. 

Guidance and Machine Control


If you haven’t experienced AutoTrac assisted steering yet, call us today and ask to take a test drive. AutoTrac hands-free guidance is truly one of those solutions where you’ll see the difference immediately. You’ll also feel the difference at the end of the day, after those long hours in your seat. AutoTrac offers more than just convenience. It can reduce input costs, reduce fuel usage and improve operator productivity. It’s easy to use and an easy boost to your bottom line, too.

AutoTrac™ RowSense™ SF2 AutoTrac RowSense is the next step for higher efficiency in corn harvest. This leading-edge technology fuses together satellite position data from the StarFire™ receiver with feeler data gathered from the row sensor, allowing you to reach greater levels of productivity.
AutoTrac™ Controller With AutoTrac™ Controller, you can integrate your John Deere GreenStar™ equipment with select Case® IH and New Holland® tractors equipped with factory-installed AFS AccuGuide™ Ready or IntelliSteer™ options. With this integrated option, your GreenStar investment can go further while keeping your cab space free of clutter
iTEC™ Pro  How do you make AutoTrac™ even better? With Intelligent Total Equipment Control. iTEC™ Pro is a pro module for the GreenStar™ 3 System installed on 8030,9030 and 8R Series tractors that coordinates vehicle and implement functions with end turns. Plus, this system positions the tractor and implement correctly for the next pass, which increases both accuracy and efficiency.
AutoTrac™ Universal Steering Kit Get hands-free guidance for the rest of your equipment. The AutoTrac™ Universal Steering Kit 200 is a retrofit guidance solution for older John Deere vehicles and non-Deere vehicles. It installs easily and brings the productivity advantages of an automated guidance system to more than 450 John Deere and select non-John Deere tractors, combines, sprayers, cotton pickers and strippers, windrowers, and self-propelled forage harvesters.
John Deere Active Implement Active Implement Guidance automatically steers the implement onto the desired guidance line. Active Implement Guidance utilizes the Application Controller 1100, a GreenStar™ display, and AutoTrac™ components with a variety of signal levels. These components team up with an implement steering mechanism to provide increased implement precision.
John Deere Machine The Machine Communication Radio creates an in-field, high-speed wireless network to facilitate machine-to-machine communication!  A single network can include up to 10 machines, including any combination of your combines and tractors with grain carts.

field and crop solutions

Field and Crop Solutions

John Deere Section Control Take control of your input costs with John Deere Section Control and AutoTrac™. John Deere Section Control provides automatic section control for both air carts and CCS™ planters and turns individual sections on and off, all with GPS and GLONASS technology.
GS™ Rate Controller As input costs have increased, minimizing the number of passes taken through the field has become more important. GS™ Rate Controller and Swath Control Pro™ allow you to combine multiple operations into one. GS™ Rate Controller helps you accomplish rate control and map-based prescriptions.
GS™ Rate Controller Dry The GreenStar™ Rate Controller Dry is a component that allows the GreenStar 3 2630 Display to integrate with non-John Deere self-propelled and pull-type dry box spinner spreaders and single tank air carts.
SeedStar™ Mobile One glance from your tractor seat gives you a wealth of information on a row-by-row basis. You can see skips or doubles instantly. You'll know if one of your row units is wearing down or experiencing a problem. You can see fluctuations in singulation as they occur. And, most important, you'll have the information you need to correct these and other issues, quickly, which is a lot better than running 30 or 40 minutes and covering a big chunk of acreage before you notice something’s wrong, or jumping out of the cab and digging in the row to make sure everything is well.

Integrated solutions technology

Integrated Solutions Information Management

John Deere HavestLab™ and Constituent Sensing John Deere HarvestLab™ Constituent Sensing lets you determine the content of several quality parameters simultaneously in various crops and organic material. This real-time nutrient analysis lets you quickly analyze feed rations for crude protein, fiber, and other factors, and make adjustments on a daily basis to improve nutrition and reduce feed variability.
AgLogic™ AgLogic™ combines GPS, cellular technology and Web-based software, to help you manage and improve the productivity of your assets and fleet. This compatible Web-based system provides a simple visual representation of your operational activities and offers scheduling and routing capabilities, wireless file transfer, and the ability to run in-season, real-time reports — all so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Learn more about the new equipment and technologies that are available in our Integrated Solutions section. The different types of equipment include: displays and receivers, guidance and machine control, field and crop solutions, and information management.