Tractor Packages

Our selection of John Deere tractor packages offers a range of solutions from property management tools to landscaping equipment. You’ll find a generous selection of available options with favorable financing, including pairings for cold weather. If you can’t find what you need among our existing selection, you can also customize and build out your own tractor packages by clicking through to one of the offer pages and selecting the “build your own” tab in the upper right corner, or contact your nearest GreenMark Equipment for assistance.


equipment 1
Home Owner Mowing Package
1023E With 60" AutoConnect Deck
Starting at: $18,100 + Tax ¦ Save $2,050
equipment 2
Winter 1025R Package
1025R with Front Blade w/ 54" Hydraulic Angle
Starting at: $16,658 + Tax ¦ Save $4,800
equipment 3
Home Owner
1023E With 120R Loader and 54" Auto Connect Deck
Starting at: $21,681 + Tax ¦ Save $3,250
equipment 7
Land Owner
2032R Tractor with 220R Loader and RC2060 Rotary Cutter
Starting at: $30,816 + tax ¦ Save $7,900
equipment 8
Property Owner
3025E With 300E Loader
Starting at: $23,505 + Tax ¦ Save $6,600
equipment 9
Land Owner - Heavy Duty
3043D With 300E Loader and 72" Rear Blade
Starting at: $30,399 + Tax ¦ Save $7,450
equipment 10
Rancher Comfort
3046R Deluxe Cab With 320R Loader
Starting at: $50,582 + Tax ¦ Save $9,650
equipment 11
4052M with a 400E Loader
Starting at: $39,995 + Tax ¦ Save $8,400
equipment 12
Rancher - Heavy Duty
4052M Heavy Duty With 440R Loader
Starting at: $48,541 + Tax ¦ Save $8,400
equipment 13
Rancher Deluxe Comfort
4066R Deluxe Cab with 440R Loader
Starting at: $64,531 + Tax ¦ Save $11,100
equipment 15
Land CareTaker
2022 5065E with 520M Loader
Starting at: $509/Month - Plus Tax