Integrated Solutions Services

JDLink is Free!

JDLink™ and Connected Support:

Every JDLink™ capable machine that we sell comes with one year of free wireless/connected support and alert monitoring from our service department. This lets our service teams know about problems as soon as they occur. This also allows us to catch potential issues before they happen, making sure you have little to no downtime.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a 4G Terminal and take advantage of FREE JDLink™! Upgrade from a 2G or 3G  to a NEW 4G Terminal for only $395. With a cellular communication connection, you can utilize ALL features at NO COST!  Want to learn more? Contact your nearest GreenMark location for more details on how to upgrade to a 4G Terminal.

RTK (Real Time Kinematic) Correction Signal:

With over 48 GreenMark-owned base stations we broadcast RTK signal across 13 million acres throughout Indiana and Michigan. This provides you with the most accurate correction signal in the industry as well as year-to-year repeatability and dependability.

Basic Support Agreement:

Technology is constantly changing, because of this John Deere releases new software packages twice per year. Stay on top of technology by letting us make sure you are ready to have a worry-free season.

  • On-farm AMS software updates twice per year

  • Explanation of new features

  • Pre-season AMS equipment set-up and inspection

  • Operational refresher on AMS equipment and

  • Access to invite-only AMS events and training

  • Phone support with RDA directly with IS consultant

Advanced Support Agreement & Data Management:

When it comes to data management you can put your mind at ease with our fully customizable advanced support packages. With a list of dozens of “a la carte” options you can choose what you need help with and let us take it from there. The options are endless; examples include:

  • All Advanced Support includes everything listed in our Basic Support Agreement

  • Display utilization: Doc setup, varieties, load prescription files, machine measurements, etc.

  • Data collection including “data scrub” to make sure all of your data is as accurate as possible

  • Wireless Data Transfer setup and utilization

  • Help share data with 3rd parties

  • Unload of data into John Deere Operations Center

  • Harvest yield calibrations

  • Post-season map printing and binding

  • Machine optimization: TCM calibration, transmission optimization, section control setup, etc.