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posted on Friday, September 8, 2023 in Dealer News

growing hope globally and greenmark growing

Growing Hope Globally is a nonprofit organization responding to hunger needs around the world. In collaboration with rural communities in the US, they raise resources to support sustainable smallholder farm development across the globe—from Honduras to Zambia to Nepal. Their mission to address hunger by developing agricultural skills and knowledge is echoed in their resource-raising methods. Growing Projects, like GreenMark Growing, are community groups including farmers, agribusinesses, churches, civic groups, and others who come together to grow crops, raise animals or do other activities to generate funds.

Growing Hope Globally

Believing in the mission of Growing Hope Globally, we created GreenMark Growing. With the help of local sponsors, community donations, and our knowledgeable GreenMark team, we planted 40 acres of corn in Holland, Michigan. This has given us the opportunity to give hands-on, in-the-field training to our Service, Parts, and Sales teams, create new informative content for our customers, and make an impact on global hunger by pledging all harvest profits to Growing Hope Globally.

GreenMark Growing Field

We’re very excited to share our journey with you—from setting our field boundaries to planting in a drought. As well as all our new content covering topics from Operation Center Setup to Planter setup. Keep an eye out in the coming months for updates and content and check out Growing Hope Globally. Learn about the impact they’re making across the globe, how you can get involved, or begin the process of starting your own Growing Project!

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