Ride Through The Winter Wonderland With A John Deere Full-Size Gator™ XUV Crossover Utility Vehicle

Gator Crossover UTV

posted on Friday, December 24, 2021 in Current News

Jump behind the wheel of a full-size John Deere Gator™ XUV utility vehicle and let the winter fun begin. With four seats, four-wheel-drive capability, incredible strength and tons of cargo space, full-size Gator XUV utility vehicles are ready to help you tackle every trail and make the most of every moment this winter.

Shift into 4WD with ease

Our John Deere full-size Gator XUV crossover utility vehicles make it easy to muscle through mucky winter trails. There’s no need to let mud and snow get in the way of your fun when you’ve got four-wheel drive capability on your side. Switch to four-wheel drive in the blink of an eye with a simple flick of a switch.

More power makes everyone merry

When you need power, our Gator XUV crossover utility vehicles deliver it. Capable of towing as much as 2,000-lb. of towing capacity with a payload capacity of 1,500-lb., Gator XUVs can haul all the equipment you depend on to do all the winter activities you love. What’s more, Gator XUVs are equipped with power steering that delivers tight, responsive control that enables confident handling on the most wicked of trails.

Rough roads, smooth ride

Riding through rough terrain doesn’t have to feel rough. Gator UTVs make sure the journey is smooth when the roads aren’t. The full-size XUV825M S4 crossover utility vehicle, for example, comes built with a dual A-arm front and rear suspension to deliver traction and control needed while powering through rocky, uneven mounds of land. Whether its cargo box is full or not, the optimized suspension system prioritizes the stability of your ride.

Flexible cargo space

Don't leave essential equipment behind. From bows and tree stands used for hunting to shanties, ice augers, and rods used for ice fishing, Gator XUVs can find a way to accommodate all your gear. The cargo box can carry as much as 1,000 lb. and has a storage capacity of 16.4 cubic feet. Since winter equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, Gator XUVs come with the ability to remove composite cargo box sides that turn them into a flatbed for easy stowing. For even more convenience, the tailgate is designed similar to a pickup truck so that loading and unloading cargo is also simple.

Make a full-size crossover Gator™ XUV crossover utility vehicle yours

Call or email us to learn more about our full-size crossover series of John Deere Gator utility vehicles. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the model that you’re looking for.