Make Snow Removal Easy With Our Available Snow Packages

Winter CUTs Attachments

posted on Friday, January 7, 2022 in Current News

When you have mounds of snow to move, you need equipment that gets the job done right. That’s why at GreenMark Equipment we’re offering compact tractor packages that equip select John Deere 1 series models with attachments and implements that help remove snow and more with ease. Learn about our available winter tractor packages below.

New Home Owner Snow Package: 2021 1023E with 47” Snowblower

The New Home Owner Snow Package is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an easier way to complete their snow-removal projects. The package includes the 1023E John Deere sub-compact tractor combined with a 47” snowblower, therefore providing you with heavy-duty snow-blowing capabilities. Also, because moving through heavy mounds of snow can be a challenge itself, the 1023E comes prepared with standard four-wheel drive and power steering to muscle through it. So whether you need to clean off the driveway, sidewalk or another area, the 1023E is prepared to ride through the snow and get you there and toss snow where you want. And for even more maneuverability and control, the 1023E comes with Twin Touch™ foot controls and Hydrostatic transmission (HST).

New Home Owner Pro Snow Package: 2021 1025R Cab with 120R Loader and 60” front blade

If you need even more capability to clear snow away, look no further than the New Home Owner Pro Snow Package. Along with the 1025R John Deere sub-compact tractor, the Pro Snow Package places two essential tools at your command: a 120R loader and 60” front blade. Thanks to the loader’s Quik-Park™ stands, it’s easy to attach it to the 1025R; likewise, attaching the front blade to the loader is just as simple. The front blade can be angled in the direction of your choosing and push snow around to designated piles across your property. Features like standard four-wheel drive (4WD) and Hydro transmission with Twin Touch™ pedals provide the 1025R — and you — the capability to move through all sorts of slushy muck, allowing you to reach the areas of your property with snow that needs to be plowed. While you’re out there working, the factory-installed heated cab with front lights, full-glass doors, windshield wipers and more are there to keep you warm and comfortable.

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