Everything You Need to Know About Skid Steers

John Deere Skid Steer is working on the field

posted on Friday, November 4, 2022 in Current News

Whether you’re in landscaping or construction, a skid steer is an extremely versatile machine that can help you get a wide variety of jobs done. These machines are rigid and sturdy and typically have the capability to attach many different buckets and tools. Wondering if a skid steer is right for your working needs? Read this article to discover everything you need to know about skid steers.  


What to Look For When Buying a Skid Steer 

When looking for the right skid steer loader for your working needs, you’ll first want to evaluate the types of work you’ll use this machinery for. Consider worksite conditions, budget, and the types of equipment your team already has. 

Small Skid Steers: These generally have less than 50 horsepower and a lift capacity of 1,750 pounds. They’re great for light towing and small areas. 

Medium Skid Steers: You can expect these steers to have between 50 and 70 horsepower and a lift capacity of 1,750 to 2,200 pounds. They’re great for projects that need a little more power than the small ones. 

Large Skid Steers: Typically, this size can carry 2,200+ pounds and can have 70+ horsepower. This is for projects that need a super powerful machine and a large loader. 


How to Use a Skid Steer to Level Ground  

Always start by evaluating your land and take note of where the dips and hill are that need to be leveled. When you’re finally in your skid steer with the engine on, set the bucket to the desired level and move slow and steady across your land. Use excess dirt to fill the dips. Then attach your compactor attachment to smooth it all out. 


How to Use a Skid Steer Brush Cutter  

Always start with observing the land and clearing any potentially hazardous materials that could harm your brush cutter attachment. Understand the flow rate of your attachment before beginning the work. Make sure nothing is blocking your hydraulic flow, so the blades can run at max speed. Focus on the easy areas first and make sure those blades are staying below the cab door. Lastly, stay aware of your surroundings as you work into tighter spaces. 
Now you know the ins and outs of the classic skid steer. Is it the right machinery for you and your team? Call today for more information on our inventory and pricing so you feel as confident as possible about your next purchase.  

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