5 Crucial UTV Attachments For Your Gator

Gator Attachments

posted on Friday, December 10, 2021 in Current News

Gators are built to handle a great deal, from negotiating steep inclines and muddy trails to hauling heavy loads without tearing up your turf. Whether you use yours for grounds care, exploring the outdoors, or anything else in-between, these UTV implements are designed to offer solutions that allow you to meet just about every challenge, head on. Here, we list our top five most versatile tools.

Move More with a Hitch

If you have need of hauling or towing capabilities that fall outside of what your cargo box can take on, a hitch will be one of the most important UTV accessories you’ll want to acquire. Essentially, this small but mighty contraption attaches to the rear of your utility equipment and allows you to connect a trailer to the back so you can tackle more at once. Take note that not all hitches are created equally though. They range from simple rear trailer hitches that fasten with a pin to hydraulically operated solutions aimed at helping you with heavy duty work like aerating and beyond.

A Winch for All Seasons

Virtually every operator is going to benefit from having a winch to pull yourself or a friend out of trouble. It’s not just for off-roading adventurers either. It can be a useful tool for stuck equipment on the farm and can even help you secure your equipment in otherwise difficult conditions. Winches are also crucial for operating certain attachments and implements like snow removal tools.

Power Lift Kits for Height

Power lift kits are a great fit for boosting overall performance for UTV riders who deal with a lot of obstacles like hunters and trail riders. This option offers up additional ground clearance and allows for larger tires that can help with navigating inclement conditions and has safety benefits like added visibility.

Protection with a Front Brush Guard

Brush guards help protect your side-by-side from the elements when you’re hard at work or traversing rugged conditions. That means everything from literal brush, bumps in the road and rocks, to other obstacles you might encounter. Think of it as armor for the front of your Gator. If you’re doing a lot of off roading, you might also consider additional protective measures like a rear bumper.

Clear Snow with a Front Blade

Outfitting your Gator with a front mount blade can make managing the heavy snowfall we experience in the Midwest and around the Great Lakes a lot more manageable. Converting your UTV into a snow pusher is ideal if you have long paths to clear, parking lots to handle or even a particularly long drive to manage. Plus, it gives you another excuse to take out your favorite sidekick.

Have additional questions or need assistance selecting the right UTV accessories and attachments for your side-by-side? Contact a GreenMark dealership near you; our team has a great deal of experience managing Midwestern conditions and is equipped to offer guidance on all your Gator needs.