Farm Bureau Members

John Deere Rewards

Michigan and Indiana Farm Bureau members receive special access to the JD Rewards program, providing members with a free two-year Platinum 2 membership. It’s easy to become a JD Rewards member too! Just sign up for the JD Rewards program using a valid member ID and zip code for membership verification, and become a Platinum 2 level.

Farm Bureau members are eligible for the following benefits as Platinum 2 status members:

• Discounts on the following categories of equipment:
• $300-$2,700 off Commercial Mowing
• $100-$250 off Residential Mowing
• $200-$350 off Utility Vehicles
• $200-$300 off Tractors
• $500-$3,700 off Golf & Sports Turf
• 17% off MSRP – Commercial Worksite

Go to our rewards page to learn about the discounts and other benefits of being a Platinum 2 member!