What to do differently in 2020

posted on Monday, March 9, 2020 in Current News


By Hoosier Ag Today

With March upon us, it is time to make final preparation for the 2020 growing season. What should growers consider doing differently in 2020?

According to Scott Walker with Pioneer, there is not a lot that farmers need to do differently. “I will treat it like any normal year. Let’s remember 2019 was an abnormal year.”

Walker reminds growers to get their fields in good shape, saying, “We don’t want to tear up these fields any more than they already are.”

Walker says even selection of hybrids should not be influenced by what happened in 2019.

“Stick with the plan that you normally go with. If we have to adjust to shorter season varieties, we can do that if conditions warrant.”

Wet conditions have delayed planting the last two years, so growers are very anxious to get the crop in early this year.  Walked said improvements in genetics will allow growers to put those seeds in the ground a bit earlier.

“The advancements we have made in our breeding program and with our new seed treatment LumiGen — we can really protect the seed while it is in the ground and really protect it all the way through those early growth stages.”

He added, by planting early, growers can take advantage of increased growing degree days and improve yields.

Local field conditions vary, so Walker said to be sure to consult with your local agronomist or crop consultant.