Another wet weekend followed by another wide open harvest window

posted on Friday, October 4, 2019 in Current News

By Eric Pfeiffer, Hoosier Ag Today

Moisture is moving through the Eastern Corn Belt this weekend, but after that we have another nice window opening for harvest. This is the harvest weather forecast brought to you by First Farmers Bank and Trust, proud to support Indiana farmers, and by Kokomo Grain.

HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says the front this weekend focuses primarily on Saturday night through midday to early afternoon Sunday.

“Moisture totals here don’t look to be all that dramatic. I think we’re looking at a few hundredths of an inch to maybe five or six tenths when all is said and done. There could be a second wave that hits Southern Indiana overnight Sunday night into Monday, but that second wave really looks like it wants to stay farther south of the Ohio River.”

Temperatures this week should be normal to slightly above normal for this time of year.

“To be clear, there’s nothing like the heat that we saw early on in this past week. That’s just not going to happen at all, but we’re not looking at any major cold air incursions either. It was a little bit cool across the state on Friday morning, of course, but as we move forward, I think it’s going to be next Friday before we see another push of cooler air that really comes down over the heart of Indiana.”

And Martin believes the extended window looks promising as well.

“So, we’re dry all the way through next week, but as you go into the week after next, I think we could be looking at a mostly dry window there as well. Honestly, the heart of October looks like it’s going to be fairly conducive to getting out in the field.”

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