Harvest Summit 2021

2021 GreenMark Equipment Harvest Summit

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Our 4th annual GreenMark Equipment Harvest Summit is quickly approaching! We are excited to go into our fourth year better than ever. Aside from classes, attendees will also have the opportunity to connect with the professionals from GreenMark Equipment and John Deere.  

The Indiana event will be held August 18th.

The Michigan event will be held on August 24th and 25th.

Lunch will be provided for attendees of either event.


Geneva Convention Center here

Kalamazoo Expo Center here 

Classes will focus on a wide range of topics and will contain valuable information designed to help you get more bushels in the bin this harvest season. Hover your cursor over the green question marks or see below for class descriptions for each course.

Registration ends August 11, 2021 for our Indiana event. The Michigan event registration runs until August 18, 2021.

*Please note when registering, we have labeled some classes as "2 Credits" which will count as two classes for attendees on the day.* 

On-site check-in begins at 8:15am

Classes will run from 9:00am until 2:30pm

  • 50/60/70 STS Combines (2 Credits)
  • Advanced Operations Center (2 Credits)
  • Basic Operations Center (2 Credits)
  • Corn Head Adjustment and Maintenance (1 Credit)
  • Platform and Draper Head Adjustment and Maintenance (1 Credit)
  • Residue Management (1 Credit)
  • S600 Series Combines (2 Credits)
  • S700 Series Combines (2 Credits)
  • Walker Combines (2 Credits)

Class Description
Basic Operation Center A 360 overview of the op center and its capabilities, from signing up and signing in, to generating simple reports. Understand what's possible in the Basic class.
Advanced Operation Center A question driven class dealing in day to day items involving setup data and machine logistics, this class also gets to the gritty details of collecting and editing data. Understand How in the Advanced class.
S700 Series Combine This class will focus on the S700 series combine, from the features and benefits of this newest series to operational set-up and instructions with a focus on ensuring maximum quality grain samples and minimizing losses.

S600 Series Combines

This class will focus on the S600 series combine, including the features and benefits over previous models. Discussion will include display and monitor set-up as well as mechanical adjustments and maintenance to ensure top performance and reliability.
50/60/70 STS Combines The 50/60/70 STS class will dive deep into the operational set-up of these machines both from a mechanical and an electronic standpoint. Basic maintenance, adjustments, and common wear points will also be discussed along with current product enhancement kits that are currently available.
Walker Combines This class will provide a very detailed walk around of John Deere Walker combines and focus on needed maintenance, common repairs, and proper set-up to ensure maximum productivity and minimal down time.
Corn Head Adjustment and Maintenance This class will focus on proper set-up, adjustment, and maintenance procedures, on John Deere corn heads. We will also discuss current product enhancements to ensure proper residue management and maximum productivity.
Platform and Draper Head Adjustment and Maintenance This class will focus on proper set-up, adjustment, and maintenance procedures, on John Deere platforms. We will also discuss the evolution of product features in the John Deere draper header lineup.
Residue Management The Residue Management class is going to dive deep into different tillage practices, how it can affect your field conditions, and the agronomic advantages and disadvantages of the different practices. We will go through what offerings GreenMark has for tillage tools and technologies to get the desired field finish every time.

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