Glen Oaks Ag Diesel Tech Program

You've got the talent, the skills, and the interest. You like working with your hands, solving problems, and getting the most out everything you work on. You're perfect for the Diesel Technology Program at Glen Oaks Community College.

The Agricultural Equipment Technology certificate and degree from Glen Oaks Community College is designed to develop service technicians for the agricultural equipment dealers across all major equipment makes. Students receive state-of-the-art technical training on the latest major brand equipment through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory activities and supervised occupational work experience at a dealership if possible.

Service technicians need good troubleshooting skills in order to determine the source of malfunctions. The job requires disassembling engine parts, connecting or attaching components and technicians need a steady and good hand-eye coordination. Technicians must possess good organizational skills and need to be able to lift heavy equipment, tools and parts without risking injury.

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GreenMark Equipment partners with Glenn Oaks Community College and offers scholarships and Internship opportunities to qualified students in the Diesel Technology Program. For more information contact our Human Resource Department at 269-751-5141.