Spring & Summer Promotions

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. There are a variety of offers taking place to take advantage of.  Whether you need some new attachments, mower blades, or a new seat for your Gator or lawn mower, we have an offer going on to help you out. 

Combine in field

Product Discount End Date
RowMax Get up to $150 off Stalk Rolls or on RowMax Chain kits Ends 8/15/19
ActiveYield Retrofit Kits $350 or $750 off kits Ends 8/31/19
Select Tractor Attachments 15% off two or more attachments (canopies, hood guards, selective control valves and fender extensions) Ends 8/15/19
Augers & Elevator Chains 10% off augers and elevator chains End 8/15/19
Baler Attachments 10% off select round baler attachments End 7/31/19
Mower Blades and Deck Belts  15% off mower blades and mower deck belts for riding lawn equipment and compact utility tractors End 7/31/19
Foot Pegs & Mirrors $25 off grain tank mirror kits and $50 off foot pegs Ends 8/15/19
Gator Attachments 15% off field installed roofs, bumpers, fender guards and brush guards for Gator utility vehicles Ends 7/31/19
LG Bumpers 15% off field installed bumpers, brush guards and lights kits for riding lawn equipment Ends 7/31/19
LG Seat 15% off seats for Gator utility vehicles and riding lawn equipment Ends 7/31/19