New Raven AccuFlow™ (Vortex, Single Cooler)

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Key Features
  • Increases efficiency by design
  • Maximizes yield potential
  • Optional space-saver kit
  • Single, fast-valve system

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Complete anhydrous ammonia solution saves producers time
Raven AccuFlow™ system integral to NH3 systemRaven AccuFlow™ system integral to NH3 system

The Raven AccuFlow and Raven AccuFlow Vortex™ systems are integral pieces to the complete anhydrous ammonia (NH3) system.


Both systems provide accurate metering to the established John Deere NH3 solution—all available at John Deere.


The products needed for a complete anhydrous ammonia solution are all available through John Deere:

  • Nutrient applicator
  • Tractor
  • Guidance
  • Display
  • Rate control
  • Section control

Raven AccuFlow and AccuFlow Vortex are trademarks of Raven Industries Incorporated.

Complete Raven AccuFlow™ kits

Everything needed to fully plumb a single section AccuFlow system is orderable through the John Deere price pages. These complete kits will improve installation and ordering efficiency. It is no longer necessary to work with a third-party supplier to fully install an anhydrous ammonia (NH3) delivery system.


AccuFlow Vortex offers machine-specific kits that include all the components needed to operate the  nutrient applicator, such as the Vortex cooler, mounting hardware, hoses, and GreenStar™ Rate Controller harnesses. Kits are available for the following platforms.

  • 2410C kit components (assembled single vortex cooler)
  • 2510H with dry cart

Machine specific kits provide dealers with all of the hardware and harnessing to equip the 2410C or 2510H Dry with the AccuFlow™ Vortex cooler minus:

  • EVA hose
  • Vapor hose
  • Nurse tank hose
  • GreenStar™ Rate Controller (GRC)


AccuFlow Single Cooler kits are configurable to meet producers’ needs and the size and series of the 2510 Nutrient Applicator it is being installed.


Kit components
AccuFlow cooler:

  • Assembled dual or single cooler with space saver kit and dual valves
  • Unassembled dual or single cooler with fast valve or dual valves


  • 13-port, 18-port, or two 13-port CDS-John Blue Impellicones 

Mounting, break-away coupler, and supply hose:

  • Includes mounting bracket for 2510H, 2510S, or 2510C
  • Squibb Taylor Flo-Max break-away coupler(s)
  • High-pressure supply hose – length is determined by machine kit

Delivery hose:

  • 9.5-mm (0.38-in.) black EPDM hose - located in attachments

Installation instructions:

  • All assembled AccuFlow kits will come with installation instructions for 2510H/S/C Nutrient Applicators

Raven AccuFlow™ is a trademark of Raven Industries Incorporated.
CDS-John Blue Company name used with permission.
Squibb Taylor Incorporated and Flo-Max Coupler name used with permission.

Accurately apply NH3 to help manage input costs
Raven AccuFlow helps to manage input costsRaven AccuFlow helps to manage input costs

The Raven AccuFlow™ and AccuFlow Vortex™ systems allow accurate metering and application of anhydrous ammonia (NH3). Crops get the exact amount of nitrogen needed for maximum yields, while avoiding over application, enabling producers to control input costs.


The price of NH3 fluctuates and is more expensive than it once was. It is important for producers to manage this input cost by controlling the amount applied.


AccuFlow helps to ensure the correct amount of NH3 is applied to reduce over and under application of NH3. Over application of NH3 is a preventable expense, while under application of NH3 decreases crop yields.


Raven AccuFlow and AccuFlow Vortex are trademarks of Raven Industries Incorporated.

Increases efficiency by design
AccuFlow accurately applies NH3AccuFlow accurately applies NH3

Anhydrous ammonia (NH3) is maintained in a liquid form by storing it under pressure in a nurse tank. When liquid ammonia is released from the nurse tank, there is pressure loss due to friction of the liquid flowing through the delivery hoses.


The reduced pressure and change in temperature allow the liquid to boil and convert a portion of the liquid into gas. The gas decreases the accuracy of the flow meter and rate controller.


The Raven AccuFlow™ systems reduce the temperature of the NH3 to ensure it is in a liquid state at the flow meter and can be accurately metered by the rate controller. In addition The Vortex cooler alone delivers 50 gpm (60 percent increased capacity over the current single cooler and 25 percent increase over the current dual cooler system).


Without AccuFlow, operators would not be able to accurately apply NH3.


Raven AccuFlow is a trademark of Raven Industries Incorporated.

Maximizes yield potential

Raven AccuFlow™ and AccuFlow Vortex™ flow sensors enhance nutrient availability, and therefore maximize yield potential by allowing the flow meter and GreenStar™ rate controller to accurately meter anhydrous ammonia (NH3). This accuracy ensures producers’ crops get the nitrogen needed to reach the maximum yield potential.


Many factors determine the yield producers will harvest each year. Most of these factors cannot be controlled, such as the amount of rainfall, temperature, and timeliness of rain.


However, other factors can be controlled by the producer to ensure the crop will reach its full potential during the growing season:

  • Nutrient availability
  • Seed selection
  • Pest prevention

Crops such as corn and wheat require the correct amount of nitrogen to reach their maximum yield potential.


Raven AccuFlow and AccuFlow Vortex are trademarks of Raven Industries Incorporated.

Accessories and Attachments

Raven AccuFlow

12' NH3 On/Off Valve Extension Cable - PF1150171833
12', 3 Section NH3 Cable, 37 Pin - PF1150171837
24' NH3 On/Off Valve Extension Cable - PF1150171834
6 Section NH3 Cable 16 Pin - PF1150171838
6' NH3 On/Off Valve Extension Cable - PF1150171832
Bulk Hose, 3/4 In. EVA NH3 200' - BPF11217
Bulk Hose, 3/8 In. EVA NH3 250' - BPF11216
Cable, 12' SCS 4400 NH3 Single Section - PF1150171809
Cable, 12' SCS 4440 3 Section Master - PF1150171836
Cable, 24' Prod 5 Boom 4400/4600 - PF1150171316
Check Valve Assembly, Multi-Section NH3 - PF0630173030

Raven Product Application Cables

12' Extension Cable, 7 Boom - PF1150159856
12' Flow Control Cable (Spade Connect) - PF1150159496
12' Flow Control Cable, 6 Boom (New Boom Valve) - PF1150171129
12' Product Cable, NH3 Single Section - PF1150171800
24' Extension Cable - PF1150159857
6' Flow Control Cable, 6 Boom (New Boom Valve) - PF1150171086

Raven Sidekick Direct Injection System Check Valves

1 1/4" 22 GPM Check Valve - PF3330011091
3/8" Stainless Steel Check Valve (.5 PSI) - PF3330011078