New DH56 Series Offset Disks

Tillage Equipment
Key Features
  • Working widths range from 10-ft. to 14.5-ft.
  • Up to 868 Lb. of cutting force per blade
  • Large gang axles for strength
  • Oil bath tapered roller bearings minimize maintenance

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Adjustable disk blade scrapers increase productivity
Scrapers clean disk bladesScrapers clean disk blades
Scrapers work great in wet and sticky soilsScrapers work great in wet and sticky soils

Adjustable disk blade scrapers keep disk blades clean and performing in wet and sticky soils for increased productivity.

End washers and wrenches keep gang shaft end nut tight
Keeping gangs tightened increases wear lifeKeeping gangs tightened increases wear life
Gang nut wrenches are always there when neededGang nut wrenches are always there when needed

End washers help keep the gang shaft end nut tightened during operation, increasing gang wear life. 


Two gang nut wrenches are supplied with each unit and securely attached to the unit, ready to use when the gangs need tightening.  

Transport locks secure disk wings
Transport locks secure disk wings cylinderTransport locks secure disk wings cylinder

Transport locks are standard, ensuring disk wings are in secure transport mode.

Two separate control arms create consistent performance
Control arms level in ground and during transportControl arms level in ground and during transport
Easy to set for desired soil conditionEasy to set for desired soil condition

Two separate control arms are standard, one for transport leveling and one for leveling while the disk is in the ground. Once set for a given soil condition, the disk will continue to perform with consistency.

Oil bath tapered roller bearings minimize maintenance
Minimal maintenance increases work hoursMinimal maintenance increases work hours
Sealed with industrial-grade sealsSealed with industrial-grade seals

Oil bath tapered roller bearings, sealed with industrial-grade seals, keep maintenance to a minimum and profitable working hours at a maximum. The bearings come complete with a wear plate.


Width 3.4 m
11 ft
Ground clearance with base blades
Wheel hub bearings Dual tapered roller bearings
Approximate working width 3 m
10 ft
Maximum penetration
Net 6,304.9 kg
13,900 lb
Weight per disk blade 393.7 kg
868 lb
Tractor requirements
Recommended PTO hp range
Recommended drawbar hp range 167.8 kW
225+ hp
Type Single offset rigid
Duty Heavy
Tube size 20.3x20.3x1.3 cm
8x8x0.5 in.
Front hitch type Pintle
Bolt-on rear hitch
Disk blades
Spacing 43.2 cm
17 in.
Quantity 16
Type Notched (front) Notched (rear)
Blade concavity
Available blade sizes
Blade option one 914x12.7 mm
36x0.5 in.
Blade option two
Blade option three
Blade option four
Blade option five
Blade option six
Disk gangs
Front angle 3 positions
Rear angle 3 positions
Furrow fillers
Axle size 6.4 cm
2.5 in.
Axle material Round heat treated alloy steel threaded on both ends
Bearing type Oil bath tapered roller
Bearing wear plates Standard
Bearing standards Welded, reinforced
Scrapers Adjustable
Lighting and safety
Markings SMV
Safety tow chain Yes
Lights Yes
Type 2 - Radial Industrial
Size 385/65R22.5
Wheel hub type 5-spoke Dayton hubs
Set-up time
Labor hours For two people: 2-3 hours
Time period 1 year
Key Specs
Approximate working width
Disk blades
Notched (front) Notched (rear)
Recommended drawbar hp range
Transport - Width